Cyber Collection

Togenkyo – 桃源郷 #003

Where is the ideal world in modern society?
A man who has been pursuing this goal has finally reached cyberspace.
Here you are free to create whatever you like: objects, places and even humans.
There are no constraints and discomforts.
All you can see is the beauty in this world which consists of ones and zeros.

Zen garden – 枯山水 #002

Zen Garden or "Karesansui(枯山水)" is a traditional Japanese garden which depicts scenic landscapes only with rocks and sand. It is also affected by Zen thoughts. The whirlpool design, which is often used in the garden, is a motif of our project logo. In this piece of music, Japanese traditional instruments and synthesizers express its beauty and Zen thoughts.

Neo Kyoto – ネオ・キョウト #001

Neo Kyoto - a cyber city that suddenly appeared in the Metaverse. It is a crossroads of tradition and revolution, recording a long and illustrious history and continuing to develope. It will exit as a cultural center city of the virtual world forever.