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  • 2022/11/06

    『NFT COLLECTION IN KYOTO』に出展し、会場の音楽プロデュースを担当しました。

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  • 2022/07/16

    サブプロジェクトCryptoWagakki SEEDを先行スタートしました。



CryptoWagakki is a Japanese traditional music NFT project for Web3 era.

We will create a new history of Japanese traditional music which has a history of over 1300 years.

Starting with NFT music arts, we are planning to hold music concerts both in real and the metaverse world
and eventually, to become a part of the history of Japanese tradition.

Reinterpret the Past

Having a long history and tradition is wonderful.

But such a long history often makes us get stuck in the past.

Making us think “Since the past was like this, the future is also supposed to be like this.”

Our music is based on Japanese traditions.

However, we will never be stuck in the past.

We face and create the future by looking back and reinterpret the past.

The History of Life

Each of us has our own history of our lives, just like a country has its own history.

Onece you look back your past, a lot of negative feelings come out.

Our regrets, failures, traumas discourage us to challenge ourselves.

Reinterpreting your past is necessary to overcome them.

This is how you can give them a new meaning, and go forward to the furture when you can think "That made me what I am."

CryptoWagakki is not just a music NFT project.

This is a project for everone who loves and accepts their past, want to overcome your past experience, and try to live facing the future.

You can feel the long-lasting history of Japan and strong will to create the future from our music.

We truely believe that our music encourages you to value your life you've been living,
to find a new meaning even for your regrets and failure, and move on to the future.

CryptoWagakki SEED

Music that grows

CryptoWagakki SEED is a sub project of CryptoWagakki.

We sell "seeds of music", tiny little musical ideas from which a full piece of music is developed.

Some of the seeds will become a full piece of music and be sold in our main project.

If the seed becomes a full piece of music, the holder will get the priority purchase right for it.

This project provides you with a new experience of watching how a piece of music is born and created.

These days many people are tired of consuming tons of contents that are produced one after another.

We hope that you feel the flow of time, watching over your own "seeds of music" grow up.

※All seeds of music are NOT necessarily developed into a full piece of music. Please enjoy the uncertainty, too.


We are going to release 5 different collections. (The 1st Collection will be released in September,2022.)


A collection of works for sound of Japanese traditional instruments and degital sound.


2nd Collection is is currently being prepared...



I have regrets.

I have failures

I have a past that I want to change.

I quit playing music and wasted a lot of time.

My band members told me that they wanted to leave the band.

I injured my back and got unable to play drums anymore.

I failed to date with a girl I liked.

...I'm going to stop writing here because I'm starting to feel embarrassed.

How much would I be saved if I could say "These regrets and failures made me what I am now."?

I think I'm a prisoner of the past. (That is why I think like this.)

I sometimes dream of what happened many years ago still now.

Many historical figures say, "Don't be stuck in the past" or "Live in the present.

I know in my head that is true. But it's too difficult to do so.

I never think I will be able to affirm the past just by living aimlessly.

For me, the only way to overcome them is to achieve what matters the most to me now.

To get to the furture in which I can think "These regrets and failures made me what I am."

Only when I can do that can I say from the bottom of my heart that I'm no longer a prisoner of the past.

Then what is what matters the most? For me, that is this project "CryptoWagakki".

"Reinvent the past" -

This is a tagline that expresses the project's creative philosophy.

But it is also a very personal commitment that I will give a new meaning to my regrets and failure and move on to the future.

I put my creative philosophy and my way of life together in this project.

In other words, the project itself is my life, and vice versa.

I hope that I can encourage you, who are struggling with thier past just like me, through this project.


Founder Profile


Hisashi is a Japanese koto player and composer. He has been familiar with Japanese traditional music since he was born because his mother was a koto-teacher. He also started playing piano when he was 6 years old and drums when 13. After joining Visual-kei metal band and Metalcore band as a drummer and composer, he started solo project, in which he plays his own original piece with koto and piano. Hisashi is active not only in Japan but also overseas. He played koto at Theatre Row (Acorn Theatre), Broadway NY as part of the event held by IFA, Japanese incorporated association promoting flower art. Also he joined recording sessions for music producers and labels in many different countries as a koto player.