• 2023/08/06

    Katriina Etholén氏によるインタビュー動画が公開されました | 動画を見る

  • 2023/07/26

    日本棋院にて開催のNFT文化祭にてステージ出演が決定しました | 詳細を見る

  • 2023/05/30

    CHIMERATIVE monsters 物怪鬼滅羅 のPVに楽曲を提供しました | 楽曲を聴く

  • 2023/04/05

    NFTプロジェクト「X2E-HEROES-和」に楽曲提供しました | 楽曲を聴く

  • 2023/03/10

    Sound DesertにてCryptoWagakkiの楽曲NFTの販売がスタートしました | Sound Desertで見る

  • 2023/03/04

    新コレクション「CryptoWagakki AUTHENTIC」の情報を公開しました | 詳しく見る

  • 2023/02/12

    CryptoWagakkiの新ユーティリティを発表しました | 詳しく見る

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  • 2023/01/23

    オンライン学習サービスSchooの授業に、Founder久の講師としての出演が決定しました | 授業ページはこちら

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  • 2022/11/06

    『NFT COLLECTION IN KYOTO』に出展し、会場の音楽プロデュースを担当しました。

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  • 2022/07/16

    サブプロジェクトCryptoWagakki SEEDを先行スタートしました。



CryptoWagakki is a Japanese traditional music NFT project for web3 era.


Japanese traditional Music 3.0

During the Meiji period (1868-1912), with the opening of Japan to Western music, Japanese music underwent major changes.

We define Japanese music after the Meiji Restoration as "Japanese traditional Music 2.0".

Time has passed, and we are now living in the age of the Internet.

The "Japanese traditional Music 3.0" that we are advocating is the traditional music of the after-Internet era. Its history has just begun.


Creation of new musical works using Japanese instruments

In this day and age when anyone can create music on a computer as a matter of course and share it with the world via the Internet, traditional music is also required to change.

Traditions have always been inherited and renewed.

What should be inherited and what should be renewed now? We will show the answer to this question with specific musical works.


A sound library dedicated to Japanese musical instruments, accessible to musicians from all over the world

By purchasing our NFT, you will gain access to authentic live Japanese instrumental sound materials.

The sound material includes key and tempo information and is extremely easy to use for Pops, EDM, and other genres, allowing even those with no knowledge of traditional music to create authentic works.

Our goal is that through this project, we will witness a music scene in which the use of Japanese instruments in songs will become commonplace for Japanese and other music creators around the world.


Cultural Experience Planning Using the Latest Technology

By using the latest technologies such as NFT and Metaverse, we can make the experience of traditional music richer than ever. We are actively collaborating with companies and people from other genres to make the content of Japanese traditional music more appealing to an audience we have not been able to reach before.


Solving Problems

The traditional music industry is facing a variety of problems, including a marked decline in the number of instruments sold.

One of the important goals of this project is to break out of this critical situation and create a future where Japanese music will be loved for hundreds of years to come.

CryptoWagakki SEED

Access to the Japanese Instrument Sound Library

CryptoWagakki SEED is a music NFT project which aims to be the world's biggest Wagakki(=Japanese traditional instruments) sound library.

Depending on the number of NFTs you own, you are free to use any audio material in the collection for commercial or non-commercial use.

The sound material includes key and tempo information, making it very easy to use for pop, EDM, and other genres, allowing even those with no knowledge of traditional music to create authentic works.

We encourage you to create new musical works using the sounds of authentic Japanese instruments.

In addition to access to the sound library, a number of other utilities are also available.

Non-music creators can also receive various benefits by collecting NFTs.

CryptoWagakki AUTHENTIC

Music NFT for "Knowing Contentment"

CryptoWagakki AUTHENTIC is a collection for music created solely with pure Japanese instruments, without using any Western instruments or electronic sounds.

By cutting out the elements, you can enjoy the delicate changes in the sound of Japanese instruments more.

This is a music NFT for adults who enjoy what is lacking.

This collection is more than just a collection of musical works; it aims to stand as an art that embodies the values, aesthetics, and lifestyle of the people who touch it.

We plan to collaborate with brands that share our minimalistic and stylish worldview and hold real events in the future.


CryptoWagakki's top-of-the-line collection of thematic pieces of the highest quality in both music and artwork.


A collection of works for sound of Japanese traditional instruments and degital sound.


2nd Collection is is currently being prepared...



I have regrets.

I have failures

I have a past that I want to change.

I quit playing music and wasted a lot of time.

My band members told me that they wanted to leave the band.

I injured my back and got unable to play drums anymore.

I failed to date with a girl I liked.

...I'm going to stop writing here because I'm starting to feel embarrassed.

How much would I be saved if I could say "These regrets and failures made me what I am now."?

I think I'm a prisoner of the past. (That is why I think like this.)

I sometimes dream of what happened many years ago still now.

Many historical figures say, "Don't be stuck in the past" or "Live in the present.

I know in my head that is true. But it's too difficult to do so.

I never think I will be able to affirm the past just by living aimlessly.

For me, the only way to overcome them is to achieve what matters the most to me now.

To get to the furture in which I can think "These regrets and failures made me what I am."

Only when I can do that can I say from the bottom of my heart that I'm no longer a prisoner of the past.

Then what is what matters the most? For me, that is this project "CryptoWagakki".

"Reinvent the past" -

This is a tagline that expresses the project's creative philosophy.

But it is also a very personal commitment that I will give a new meaning to my regrets and failure and move on to the future.

I put my creative philosophy and my way of life together in this project.

In other words, the project itself is my life, and vice versa.

I hope that I can encourage you, who are struggling with thier past just like me, through this project.


Founder Profile


Hisashi is a Japanese koto player and composer. He has been familiar with Japanese traditional music since he was born because his mother was a koto-teacher. He also started playing piano when he was 6 years old and drums when 13. After joining Visual-kei metal band and Metalcore band as a drummer and composer, he started solo project, in which he plays his own original piece with koto and piano. Hisashi is active not only in Japan but also overseas. He played koto at Theatre Row (Acorn Theatre), Broadway NY as part of the event held by IFA, Japanese incorporated association promoting flower art. Also he joined recording sessions for music producers and labels in many different countries as a koto player.